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Pilot Attack Instructor Patch

Pilot Attack Instructor Patch

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In the good old days, fighter squadrons had two masters - a Day Fighter Leader and a Pilot Attack Instructor. While the Fighter Leader was mostly seen scoffing at pilots explaining tactics, the PAI was the number cruncher. PAIs were the marksmen who knew the intricacies of teaching gunnery, rocketry and bombing to the pilots and could smell a wobbly pipper from a mile away. While air combat took all the glory, the PAIs ensured anyone getting airborne with load could actually put it to use on the target and get shit done. IAF eventually stopped producing PAIs in the 90s and included them into the much broader Fighter Strike Leader course along with the Fighter Combat Leader Course.

This patch goes out to all the old school hardcore mud-movers who could get you a 'Delta Hotel' even with a chewing gum stuck on the windscreen instead of a pipper.


  • High quality woven patch
  • Velcro backing
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